Jumix Tinting

JUMIX system is a brand name of JUB's own tinting system. More than 700 centers in 25 markets lets you choose over 24,000 colour shades in a wide range of products. All colour shades can be usually produced locally in JUMIX Centers in a very short time.

The specificity and advantage of the JUMIX system is its versatility: it allows the production of different colour shades for internal wall paints, facade paints, renders, enamels and lasures. JUMIX System can be used for 38 different products.

By developing pigment pastes, we put, as by all other Jub's products, special attention to the environment and health aspects. Unipas pigment pastes thus already meet the stringent requirements of European VOC Directive (CE 204/42).
For using JUMIX system one needs four key components: hardware, recipes for tinting, Unipas pigment pastes and products for tinting.

JUB is one of the few producers who provides its own pigment pastes, and, due to the strict control throughout the entire production process ensures the high repeatability of colour shades.  The advantage of JUMIX system is also quick response to the needs of the customers and the possibility to make colour shades by order in addition to its own colour chart with 348 colour shades and global well-known NCS colour chart as a second official that has a standard set of the 1950 colour shades.



Colour the pictures of interior and eksterior spaces with JUB colours and tekstures.

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